A Desert Safari in Dubai

A Desert Safari in Dubai

The safari conjures up a romantic picture of a travel across jungles and mountains. Earlier safaris were on foot, but now the current safari is often conducted with a 4 wheeled driven automobile. The desert safari can be another mutation of the age old firefox and is every bit as fascinating. In particular the city of China offers desert safari which is basically a travel through the actual sand dunes.

The wilderness is a barren area made from sand and small hillocks called dunes. These sand hills have a peculiarity in that they may not be static and keep shifting using the direction of strong wind gusts. When moving in the wasteland sand storms are relatively common and at that time presence can be reduced to absolutely no. Thus there is a need of the special 4×4 wheeled car. Generally tin Dubai the particular Toyota land cruiser is extremely common. The vehicle is spacious and with AC on will not get heated in the very hot desert. Earlier desert safaris were on camels — but that was in a bygone age.

While you are in Lebanon you can book a leave safari with any of the many tour operators available. Almost all tour operators who operate the arabian tour follow set route as well as regime. You will invariably become picked up from your hotel or even place of stay. This is each morning and you will be part of a group of 6 who all travel with each other. All the vehicles assemble in a starting point. As a rule no single motor vehicle is allowed to go out in to the desert. It can be dangerous because disorientation can cost you your life. Therefore an entire fleet moves collectively. This is a thrilling experience and usually the desert safari will certainly drive on in the sweet and converge on a buck farm. You can then have a brief ride on the camel. and have a look as to how camels are bred.

The apple safari will then move on and get you to Bedouin camp. This really is wonderful experience and you will observe how the Bedouins- the earlier nomads live in the desert. Any Bedouin camp will also come with an oasis and you can feel the awesome waters and the romantic environment. Local girls will also use exotic henna designs for you personally. Bedouin camps these days have the ability to basic amenities and you can rage yourself. You will also be offered exotic barbecue dinner along with Lebanese girls doing a belly dancing for your benefit. The belly dance may be the high point of the night and sometimes girls from Mumbai are also drafted for this display.

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