Innovative Vehicle: 8 Hi-Tech Options to Use in Modern Cars

Innovative Vehicle: 8 Hi-Tech Options to Use in Modern Cars

BMW i8

Today, we don’t imagine our future life without information technologies, which have firmly entered our life. They are used in various fields of activity, including the automotive industry. It’s almost impossible to create a modern car without numerous computer innovations. On-board computeris considered to be as important detail as the engine or the chassis.

Cars have long been able to brake and accelerate without human intervention, as well as determine the distance to objects and their exact location. In modern vehicles, you’ll find such helpful assistance systems for the driver as radar, cameras, ultrasound, GPS systems, etc. They have successfully found their application.

But what can we expect in the coming years? How will the automotive sphere develop and what innovations are now being applied and will be applied in the future? Well, check out the review prepared by so as to answer these questions…

Internet and car

Car Infotainment  System at Night - Free Car Picture - Give Credit Via Link

It’s not a secret that in recent years, cars are increasingly interacting with the Internet. Some critics believe that such a connection will further affect road safety: in particular, the driver’s distraction from the road will increase. But there are also some advantages. You can expect the emergence of such services as a reminder of the maintenance of cars with a variety of information support, including automatic registration and searching for the nearest service center. Also, Internet connection will considerably diversify the list of entertainments available in the car.


Synchronizing with devices

New Jaguar F-TYPE Debuts with World-First GoPro Technology

In addition to Internet access, cars have the opportunity to work more closely with computers and mobile devices. Now, nobody is surprised by the presence of a USB port in the car. It will be possible to remotely update the software of different car systems without using the services of specialists, and, if there is a malfunction in the car, the dealer will be able to remotely find the cause of the problem and indicate the ways of its solving, or repair the failure if it was in the computer system.


Interaction of your car with infrastructure

Bicycle/Car Interaction

In the near future, all cars will be linked together and with the road structure into a single whole. The idea is to make possible the interaction of your car with the infrastructure of the city, for example with webcams at intersections, road signs and traffic lights. Knowing about the congestion of streets or about road conditions, the driver will be able to change the route of traveling, saving time and money. The car can even reserve a parking space. If the car got into an accident, it will be able to report this to the surrounding cars, and the driver will have an opportunity to slow down in time and be more attentive.


Traffic and ‘blind spots’monitoring

SCARFACE personalised license plate BMW Belgian Belgisch

This is no less useful technology that can improve road safety by monitoring the so-called ‘blind spots’ and a system of road markings. The system will warn the driver if he starts to change traffic lane without a turn signal, and will also inform driver if the lane is occupied by another car. It uses small cameras that read the road markings, and if the driver crossed it, without turning on the turn signal, the system gives a light or sound warning. For example, Infiniti uses automatic braking to prevent the car from leaving the lane.


Car parking

Car Accident

Some automakers already install automated parking assistance systems. The system works as follows: with the help of radar the car determines if there is enough space to park. Then it helps the driver to choose the right steering angle and almost puts the car on the parking lot. Such a system is extremely useful for novice drivers.


Driver’s status tracking

front seat

Driver’s status tracking system is a unique option, which will recognize signs of fatigue in the behavior of the driver on the road and warn about the need to rest. In Volvo cars there is a similar system, but it works in different way. The system estimates the movement of the car on the road, rather than the driver’s behavior. If something goes wrong, the system immediately notifies the driver.


Night vision cameras

night vision HUD

Night vision cameras can be used in cars. They can reduce accidents at night. The system will help the driver to see road markings, signs, as well as pedestrians and animals in the dark. In BMW, an infrared camera is used that displays the image on the screen in black and white mode. The camera recognizes objects at a distance of up to 300 meters. In addition, Toyota is working on improving night vision systems so that the driver can feel more confident at night. It’s based on digital image processing algorithm, which will provide quality visibility in bad conditions and at high speed of the car. Also, the camera can adapt to changing lighting conditions.


Remote Ignition Block

There is a possibility to remotely slow down the transport, preventing hijackers from hiding from the police during the pursuit. Nowadays, this opportunity can help to return the stolen cars in a short time. This technology is called Remote Ignition Block. OnStar operator is able to send a signal to the onboard computer of a stolen car, which will cause the ignition system to block, without the ability of restarting. This technology won’t only return stolen cars to their owners, but also prevent dangerous chases.

As you see, information technologiesare rapidly developing in a variety of areas, including the automotive industry. Undoubtedly, they are very important and useful for any driver. Hi-tech options help the driver to control the car, make right decisions, notify about road condition, as well as play an important role in the safety of the driver and passengers. With their help, the driver feels more comfortable and quiet on the road, which makes it even more attentive.


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