Repair Blown Glass

Repair Blown Glass

When you’ve invested in a beautiful piece of art you would like to take every precaution to ensure it is safe from damage. However sometimes, despite even the good efforts, you may find yourself needing fine glass repair. Whether looking for glass art repair or simply want to make the most associated with older pieces you’ve purchased or inherited.

Studio musicians are well-versed in all types of fine repair and cup art restoration including the Murano, Hoya, Steuben, and Galle styles. The extremely delicate restoration of blown glass needs more than simply knowing how to fix the stray crack or nick. Studio artists can help save even the most exquisite artwork glass pieces. We have assisted our clients restore and protect literally millions of dollars worth regarding art since we very first opened our doors. Whether or not your art restoration is actually motivated by a costly investment decision or sentimental reasons, you don’t need to want to trust it in order to anyone. Maintain or recover the value of your glass skill with fine glass fix by an artist with more than 38 many years experience working on these kinds of a glass conservation.

You may also consider purchasing vintage, second-hand, or blown glass gifts with regard to both collectable and purchase purposes. Across the country there are countless pieces of glass art which have been donated or discarded, and generally these pieces can be bought in a fraction of its initial value. Buying these classic glass pieces and possessing a fine glass repair with them can allow you turn any tidy profit and may even assist you to turn a hobby into your personal business.

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